Bart aka Angus

Bart (formerly Angus – Bart just fits him so much better) is doing so amazingly, surprisingly great. Daisy, my 80 lbs. 8 yr old Aussie is making me proud too, not a peep from her. I couldn’t have even hoped for such a great introduction.

Bart hasn’t had an accident in the house yet. I have lots of land so yesterday he had a ball sniffling almost every sq inch of land out back. They must have gone out together 20 times, in/out, under & around every shrub, every flower bed, chasing one another. Bart got snippy to Daisy a few times when she was playing too rough, it was fine, i didn’t leave them alone for a second, but Bart has his little pushy way too. They are so cute together.

At 4 am since I got up to pee, I let him out. he went & ran right back in. he stayed curled up in his new bed all night. This morning, he went out the door only 2 feet, turned around & came right back. I guess this is Baby’s first snow, but I carried him out & then they had fun in it.

He’s not eating quite as much as Joanna says he was at her house but I guess he has to get adjusted. I also picked up some hills science diet treats & gave them to him a few time when he made me proud so he probably got a little filled up with them. He actually comes in from the outside & already sits down & waits for his treat.

He’s a precious little angel. Monday is my vets appt with him, I hope all goes well there. I have a question though, one set of papers says corgi/shar pei & the other set from TN says lab/shar pei. I see the lab, not the corgi. Which do you think is correct or maybe he’s all 3?

Thanks for everything. I called Joanna last night to tell her how well things were going & she said to email the info to you today so you could know it was a successful match.