Shelby aka Binky

Life is good—Shelby can’t believe how much has changed! She spent two days “trailing” me and today she has herself parked in my parlor chair where she can see me in two rooms. She is wrapped in a blanket [she has us trained] and has only to raise her head and either I or Anthony come to see what’s up. She is so different than any other dog we have had! The first- a Basenji was a wild man ; the second a Samoyed barked incessantly and then since I hadn’t had enough I got another Basenji when we came to the country. I was determined that my “dog” days were done but my heart proved me wrong.

My Sister came from Ma. yesterday to greet her new “Godchild”—-Shelby was so excited she ran to the back door and produced her first “poop”. We had a good laugh! Since I had to go to a funeral yesterday my sister babysat until I came back. I found them napping on the couch together.

She is still coughing on getting out of her crate in the morning and after napping but it seems to be a little less today. I hope the meds are enough for her. There aren’t many left! Can you tell me something—–Why is it that she doesn’t she know what to do with toy’s? I bought her a nyla-bone, a roll toy to put snacks in, and a rolling chase ball. She just walked by them. I’m sure she is overwhelmed with everything but I couldn’t help but think how difficult life was until she was found in Tn.

Do you want to have a good laugh——-When I got her home I brought her into the kitchen and decided to “keep” her safe while I went back to the car to get the crate. So I struggled to get 3 gates out of boxes to put in doorways to keep her in one room while she just about planted herself in my hip pocket as I worked. When I came through the doorway back to the kitchen carrying the crate she was on the other side of the gate looking for me. So I picked her up and went to put my jacket away. She appeared next to me again. This time I watched her. She stood on one side looking at me through the gate and the next thing you know she springs straight up and over a 3+ ft. gate. She had me huffing away to get everything secure and it wasn’t even necessary! I am returning the gates today!!!

As I send you this—Miss Shelby is snoring loudly next to me. She sends her loving regards to you with much thanks for finding her “forever home”. I will be sending you periodic updates on her adventures. God Bless You for all the work you do to find the best homes you can for these poor unfortunate “orphans”.

All the best,

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  • I would like to say how happy i am to hear binky has found such a loving home in so little time :). My husband and i was originaly the ones who adopted binky we wanted to adopt a dog that got along with other animals as we also had a boston terrier. I am four months pregnant and wanted anouther buddy for winston to play with so he wouldnt feel left out the time the baby did arrive. The moment we saw binky we both fell in love with her we just couldnt wait to take her home and give her the much needed love she deserved but unfortunately the two dogs didnt see eye to eye i think binky just wanted to be the only one so we had to let her go. We have been thinking about binky non stop and then just found out you guys had adopted binky two days after we had to give her back :). I had to laugh at the comment you made about the gate before i even got to the part where she had jumped over it i knew straight away that was the case because i had put a gate up to get the dogs used to each other bit by bit but as i went to get something i heard noises down stairs and when i returned there was binky waiting for me i couldnt beleave she had jumped the gate we had put there. My husband and i was both very upset things didnt work out with binky but now we know in away things did because she came to us in RI we had enough time with her to give as much love as we could to her we gave her food bathed her and then she went on to recieve all the love from you guys and will continue to get that love every day of her life and i know if she could talk to us she would tell us but instead she lets us know with the kisses and the snores when she is sleeping so comfortably im glad you guys have found binky and i wish you all the best and if you could will you give binky a kiss and a hug of me and my husband and tell her we love her because even though we only spent a little time with her thats how much she grew in our hearts thanks michaela 🙂