Wow she is soooo loved already! She comes more and more out of her shell everyday! All she wants is to be pet. She also loves walks- I can’t believe her energy because in the house she is soooo mellow and just wants love. I think Keith and I have lost at least 5 lbs already!

She’s been good w/ the two cats. They make her a bit nervous, but we’ve shown her they are ok. We had Keith’s parents over Saturday and I think they wanted to take her home (they have a german shepard/ lab mix). We”ve already taught her sit and lay down (or is it lie down). She is currently learning stay and shake. She’s so smart, I’m sure food motivation has bit to do w/ it! She got a taste of Patriots fans during the game today- I think we made her a fan. Never mind the Tennessee titans! Thank you! (Keith is soo baby talking to her right now as I type this- dont tell)