Mia aka Sarah

I just wanted to give you an over due update on Sarah. We changed her name to Mia. She is very healthy, happy and spoiled!!! She is now 40lbs. but she has not got much larger. We now know she is a Beagle mix. Our guess is that she is a beagle/lab/shepard/rottie mix. She is extremely smart and loving. She is my best friend and our baby. We take her everywhere and give her constant attention. Although she has two very nice dog beds she sleeps in bed with us every night. We also go to Petsmart every week to visit with the employees, see the animals and buy a new toy (talk about spoiled). She has become a master of the conservation land paths by our house and loves playing with other dogs and cats. My parents kitten and our roommate’s dog, Athena, have become Mia’s best buddies. She truly is the best thing that has ever happened to us and we thank you for helping us make her a part of our family.

-Taryn and Chris

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  • Megan

    Hi Taryn and Chris
    I have been visiting the Henderson County Humane Society website trying to find out about a dog that I had to up due to many reasons. I knew that she has gone up North, but didnt know anything else. Then I read your story/post and I was wondering if it is the same dog. I just had a few questions to make sure this is the same dog. Is she a black dog? And does she have one blue eye and one brown eye. I would love to know if this is her and I would love for you to get in touch with me and let me know how she is doing.
    Thanks a lot,