Goldie has adjusted beautifully to her new home. You did a great job “raising” her through her early puppyhood because she is very well behaved! And she is just so so sweet. That face just melts your heart. We love her so much already. Even the resident cat has stopped glaring at her from the corner and I’m sure will be spotted cuddling with her on the dog bed soon. Thankyou again for being such a great foster mom.

Update: Just wanted to let you know that Goldie has stolen many yankee hearts! My daughter, who works for Martha Stewart and lives in New York, came home for the weekend and spent the entire time bonding with Goldie. Also, my son, the one who lives near us “moved in” for the weekend as well (his wife was visiting family). They took her jogging in the morning and otherwise showered her with attention. The cats are miffed! Thankyou again for “prepping” Goldie for us. We feel so lucky!

Susan Humphreys