I can’t believe it will be a week tomorrow that we have had Conner. He is a wonderful puppy full of love! By far, his favorite thing to do is cuddle and be pet. He has adapted well to his new home. He is great with the girls and they give him an abundance of attention. Our other two dogs Bailey and Ziggy have fast become his friends. They go with him every time we take him out. He follows them everywhere. The older lab disciplines him with a strong bark when he is misbehaving. His house breaking is going well as long as we read his signals…a funny little bark/howl. It is mostly an issue when he becomes excited. He has learned to sit, lay down and is working on giving paw. He is currently sleeping in his crate at night until he has perfect the potty outside! However, he seems to like the crate and all his toys. He loves running in the yard and jumping through the old hay field. Thank you again!

All my best-