Chuckie aka Cherokee

Update 2/13/07: He’s doing great and we are calling him Chuckie, with the occasional Cherokee thrown in. He loves walks in woods – we’ve been taking him to Adams Farm, and we’re all involved with training/discipline, tho Jane’s been spending the most time with him. Our yard will be fenced after today so that will help. He’s not comfortable walking on the leash in our neighborhood (scared of cars, other dogs barking) and tends to just freeze up and not want to go, so that’s an area we really need to work on. He also won’t get into the car on his own,but hopefully that will change as he gets fully adjusted. Only other thing is cat and dog are living separate lives – cat gets the nightime, dog gets the day – so we’re hoping that that they get to a point where they tolerate – more the cat’s issue than his at this point, she just is too nervous/neurotic and won’t stay still. Kids are loving him – we all are! Hope all is well,,

Cherokee (Chuckie) is doing great. He’s had some accidents though we have caught him every time and when we say no, he stops mid-stream. Then we take him outside and he can’t finish. Thankfully, he has gone several times outside now and all his poops have happened outside. He is getting used to the sounds of our yard and being on the leash. Considering how different his life is, he’s very adaptable. Our biggest problem is he has given himself a rug burn on his nose from “burying” his bone in the family room. It’s so funny to watch but now we have to stop him and then clean up the blood off the carpet. I hope his nose heals well.
I got a harness for the car which he stands nicely to put on. He doesn’t want to get in the car so I have to lift him in. He sits nicely in the car but is too nervous to eat a treat. I’m going to keep taking him for rides just so he can learn that the car takes him to nice places and home. I’m having a trainer come tomorrow. I can’t wait to get him to the point where I think he can go for a run off lead at Hale Reservation.
We’ve already been gleefully accepted into the dog owner “club” of Westwood and everyone wants us to come walking at Hale with their dogs. I think he will love that. Since we have no fence he is getting a lot of exercise walking on the leash and inside chasing a laser pointer in the family room. He is so funny. He’s going to the vet on Monday. It’s interesting trying to tell people what breed he is and what color, I have no clue what to say. He’s a true mutt, just what we were looking for, handsome, loving, funny and obedient.
Thank you so much for helping him. I tell everyone what a great job you did. It’s nice to know he’s off to a good start and we have so much to build on.