Molly aka Ellie

Update 2/24/07: It’s been three months since we adopted Molly and she has been just a joy to us. I thought that you might like to see pictures of her graduation for Manners School. She didn’t like the cap much at all, because she is sort of a “tomboy” little girl, just like we wanted her to be. She is all personality, but quite well behaved when she has to be! She just doesn’t like “dress-up” very much.
Well, anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it is happy tails here at the Luther household, and Molly is the reason we smile so much of the time. You and your fellow foster moms/rescuers at Pet Matchmakers should feel very proud of what you do and be encouraged to keep up the good works.
Thanks Again for Matching Us!
Barbara, Bill and Molly Luther


Thank you for helping dogs and people find each other. We absolutely adore Molly. She has even become sort of a therapy dog. My husband, Bill, sort of takes care of an elderly couple up the street from us. They live alone and are into their late 80s with no family, so he drives them places and checks in now and again to help with odds and end. They had a little dog years ago, but can’t have one now because the man has macular degeneration and is going blind. Well about 2 times per week Bill and Molly go up to see them and they just love her! She seems to know just how to ingratiate herself to each of them in a different way. They just love her and were delighted when they received a bowl after buying some cereal at the grocery store, because they have given it to Molly as a Christmas present. She is such a smart little girl and so lovable! She is a bit of a clown also and I’ve attached some pictures to show you what I mean. Anyone who ever knew her would enjoy them I think, especially picture 3.

Thank you again for all you do. You can be sure that I will refer any one of my friends who are looking for a new family member to Pet Matchmakers! You are the makers of ‘happy tails”!

Barbara Luther