Meeko aka Prada

I just wanted to share my happy tail about my adoption of Meeko (formally known as Prada). After moving out of my parent’s home I felt a void, since we had always had animals in the home, so I went on a search for a Weimaraner, male puppy; a breed I have wanted for some time now. During my search I came across Meeko (a Weimaraner, Black Lab mix) on and knew she was going to be a good match for me. She is even better then good, she is great!

I received Meeko about two weeks ago and in that short amount of time she has managed to make everyone she comes in contact with fall in love with her. In fact almost every gift I received from my parents this Christmas had something to do with Meeko, I think she may have made out better then me! She is just the sweetest thing and always wanting to do anything she can to please me. Her life before me was spent outside most of the time so at about five months old we had to start from scratch with housetraining and obedience. She has taken to the crate training very well and has had only a few accidents. She gets along wonderfully with my roommate’s two year old male Springer Spaniel, they are always playing and sharing toys, in fact it is hard to keep them apart when it is time to “relax”. She can be shy at first when meeting someone, putting up a wall by barking and trying to act all protective of her “mommy” but when it comes down to it she just wants everyone to love her. She is a very curious pup, always trying new things, her latest is climbing up on the back of the couch and walking over to the edge to look at herself in the mirror hanging on the wall. She will be starting training soon and I know once we get started with that she will take to it very well. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in bring Meeko home to me and to let you know she is loved and in a warm safe home with plenty of toys, food, water, hugs, kisses and cuddles!

Attached are some pictures of her and two of her with her new best friend!

Thank You,

pradameeko-smaller.jpg pradameeko-3.JPG pradaimg_0691.jpgpradaimg_0692.jpg


  • Elizabeth Dunn

    I just want to say how happy I am that Prada found such a loving home! I was her foster mom and have been wondering about her. Thank you for giving this wonderful pup such a wonderful home!

    Rescue dogs rule!

  • Elizabeth Dunn

    so happy that Prada found a good home. I was her foster mother. Thanks for loving her as she deserves. Hope she brings you much happiness

  • Marcie


    Thank you fo ryour kind words. And thank you for caring for Meeko (Prada) before I could find her. She is very well taken care of and she is such a sweet and loving pup. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank You.