Lulu has fallen right into her niche here. She is sooo good…. We’ve had no “accidents” since her first 24 hours with us. She heads out about 9-10 pm for her last toilet run and then goes through the night until about 5-6am. My shepard is starting to warm up to her, but we keep a watchful eye as he still likes to remind her who was here first. She plays with one of our cats a game of cat/puppy tag (You’d have to see, I wish I had a video cam.) The weather has been so mild that we’ve been able to walk more than 2X/day in the fields. She really seems so happy and”thankful”. Her appetite is improving, she had her first vet check on Monday…16.5lbs . She did test positive for coccidia though, but we are treating her for this and our vet says she should clear up fine and that this is a very common protozoa in pups.

Update: Hello there! I’m going to take a minute to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and to congratulate you on the Obi adoption (YAH!!!!) I’ve been watching with hope that he’d have a home for Christmas. He really looks enormous in the pictures compared to our LuLu. She’s doing fine, her coccidia has cleared and is gaining weight (although she has the flakeist/dry skin I’ve ever seen on a dog) We’ve changed puppy foods and are doing a few other things in hopes that it clears up (actually it bothers me more than her!) She goes back to the vet next week. So we’ll see what she weighs in at. I know one thing is for certain, she gives my daughters a “run” for their money. WOW! She is fast! I’ve nick-named her ‘Nibbles’ as her mouth is always open, it’s like watching Jaws go through the house She really does have the pleasantest of personalities though.

Take care and to a happy and healthy New Year,
Carrie Taber