Update 3/25/07

Here’s a couple pictures of Jessie.  She’s doing GREAT and we sure LOVE her!!!!  She’s gained 10 lbs. in the 4 mos. we’ve had her.  (She’s now 8 mos. old)  Now 19 lbs. but still a nice medium-sized dog.  The vet says she’s very healthy. 

Take care!
Lisa Wiersma


Jessie is such a good girl! Wow! I was prepared for a tough time settling into her new home, but she’s doing sooooo well!
First of all, she slept the entire way home in her crate.
She has been great about peeing/pooping outside in the cold in new surroundings! She was a little shy in the house but still eager to cuddle and give kisses. She checked out the place, too. She LOVES her crate and sneaks in there all the time.
The kids got to play with her this am, before the girls headed to school and Ben gets her all to himself today! Jessie snuggled with him on the couch this am and took a nap.
We are so happy with our new pup and she is getting lots of love here! Thanks for helping make this match for us!

jessie6.JPG jessie7.JPG