Thank you so very much for the opportunity to welcome Gabi to her new family! Her and our new kitten Baby, have become the best of friend and especially playmates! She met the rest of the family over Thanksgiving and boy did she soak up the attention! She’s grown fond of picking up socks and t-shirts from the hamper and snuggling with them on her bed! She also has a irreplaceable stuffed teddy bear, which is never too far from her. She is getting use to being potty trained and we can detect the signs of her ready to go. She runs to the door and licks her leash and usually sniffs around on the floor. We try to pay a close mind when she does this, but the accidents happen. But only happen in the kitchen and often in the same spot. She is also learning how to bark, but not quite. She sort of sounds like a motorcycle revving up or a Wookie! She is a little shy when we go for walks, and often times cowers if we walk by a large group of people. She won’t move until she’s picked up and usually they just want to pet her anyway and she warms up and she is ready to be put down and run around! And another one of her adorable traits: when she is on our bed, she doesn’t stand up or go near the edge, so she crawls on her belly and rolls like a log to get up to the pillows or to the foot of the bed! But so far so excellent! I love having a puppy, and it is definitely very hard work, but so very worth it. So thank you again! I attached some photos so you can see how much she has grown in only 2 weeks.

gabibaby1.jpg img_0530.JPG johndez-family.jpg

Update 1/11/07=>gabi.jpg