I’d like to thank you for being truly wonderful people. My wife and I know how much effort, both physical AND mental is required to work with these lost little souls, so we really appreciate your dedication. We almost feel guilty because we are SO happy with Angel, she’s absolutley perfect! I think she must have been dear to someone (maybe an older person?) because she’s so affectionate, calm and trusting. She knew EXACTLY what the couch was for and has been on it mostly since we brought her home. We decided to put her right onto an adult dry food being she hadn’t eaten a whole lot of the puppy food anyway. We gave her ~ 1/3 cup and added about two tbsp. of “Pedigree- little champs” pouch food and a little warm water to lossen it up a bit – she ate it all in about an hour. She peed a few times and pooped this morning, so everything seems to be ‘working’ okay. She doesn’t have any issues with the cats (the cats are still a little leary…but they’ll come around) and she LOVES Lily (our daughter), as well us -she’s just such a perfect little girl. She hasn’t barked yet, but she did whimper a bit (~30 seconds) after we turned off the lights last night. Also, she’s not too fond of the vacuum, but that’s okay – we only do that maybe once a week for about 5 minutes… So again, THANK YOU SO MUCH, our home feels more ‘complete’ again with our new Angel with us. I guess once you become “dog-people”, your home just isn’t complete without one!

Bill, Kristen, and Lily Mancini